Massage Oils - Used by professionals

Exceptional smooth glide - easily absorbed into the skin

We have designed carefully chosen combinations of pure essential oils and blended them with a superior water dispersible massage oil for ease of use. Our non-greasy fabulous formulas will leave your skin silky and smooth.


Our massage oils are light, provide exceptional smooth glide and are easily absorbed into the skin. After application just rinse your hands in water for easy clean-up.  No sticky or tacky residue, no heavy feeling, no staining.


Rich in vitamins A, B, B2, B6, D & E, essential fatty acids and minerals, nourishing and protecting to the skin.


We hold a Cosmetic Safety Assessment for all our massage oils.


Caution: Our superior massage oil contains a blend of nut and vegetable oils. They are not recommended for people with nut allergies.


Our massage oil range

Athletes Massage Oil

Wonderful pine is married up with rosemary, eucalyptus and thyme for joint and muscle pain. The warming action gets deep into the muscles, supporting the body’s natural recovery. Reported anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties eases pain caused by strenuous exercise, muscle knots and sports-related type injuries. The essential oil properties are also reputed to enhance overall mental and physical balance. A great formulation for athletes and the sportsperson of any discipline.

Body Ache Massage Oil

This classic combination of essential oils is renowned for the ability to help dispel all over aches and pains. Great for a wide range of ailments, such as swelling, these pure essential oils are known for their anti-inflammatory properties. They create a sense of ease and relaxation yet are also uplifting. This combination includes, lavender and rosemary while the refreshing smell of peppermint is soothing and an important ingredient for muscle ache. This is the formulation for everyone whatever their activity be it sports, gardening, or DIY.

Muscle & Joint Massage Oil

This blend is so effective for all kinds of aches and pains. Lemongrass and ginger warm the muscles and help with twinges, back ache, tight and contracted muscles. Together they make a dynamic formulation designed to support recovery, unwind knotty tight muscles and ease joint stiffness as well a general body ache resulting from strenuous exercise. Smells great too.

Recovery Massage Oil

This combination is a mixture of some of the best essential oils for joints, muscular aches, pains and twinges. Their deep warming action hastens recovery. Each of the oils used has specific properties, all renowned for sore and aching muscles, soothing and easing swelling. Contains essential oils of juniper, peppermint and lavender.


Relax Massage Oil

With excellent warming and soothing attributes, this formulation is designed to aid recovery and ease joint pain, tight, knotted and stiff muscles. Blended to penetrate deep into the muscles, this rich combination provides an effective rehabilitating action. Very effective in helping with soreness, aches and stiffness. Contains essential oils of marjoram, a powerful muscle relaxant, rosemary which has many excellent properties, and relaxing lavender. A great blend for all kinds of activity on and off the sports arena.

Workout Massage Oil

This is a great formulation that offers support to those with tired joint and muscle pain.The highly warming action aids with circulation and stimulates the body’s natural recovery processes. Particularly effective or aches and pains caused by working out, over-exercising, muscles knots or sports injuries. Gets deep into the muscles soothing soreness and aches. With black pepper and versatile rosemary essential oils.