Bath Salt Information

Taking care of your skin starts from the moment you step into a warm bath. Our selection of bath salts  are infused with specially selected pure essential oils to aid sports recovery leaving your skin looking and feeling healthy. Salt itself smooths the skin and makes it soft, helps cleanse and detoxify and provides a sense and overall feeling of calm, relaxation and well-being. 


Try our range of custom blended organic bath salts ready to add to your bath for a lovely relaxing experience.

Therapeutic salt baths have been used for thousands of years for improving general health and relaxation. Studies have found that salt baths help reduce pain and soothe skin irritation and inflammations such as psoriasis and eczema. A warm water will loosen up tight muscles and improve circulation. Better circulation means more oxygen and nutrient-rich blood coming to the rescue of your aching muscles.


Our natural salt combinations contain high levels of natural minerals and electrolytes including magnesium, potassium, calcium and bromides. All are beneficial for the skin and are absorbed through the pores during bathing helping restore those lost during exercise and activity.

  • Magnesium loosens tight muscles and is important for flexibility, a deficiency results in a build-up of lactic acid causing pain and tightness and delayed onset muscle soreness, often felt 12-48 hours after a workout. Known for calming the nervous system and elevating mood, magnesium is great for aiding sleep and insomnia. Good for fluid retention helping pull excess fluids out of the tissues, reducing swelling. Good for slowing the skin aging process. Magnesium is essential for proper enzyme function. 
  • Calcium helps boost circulation aiding in recovery through increased blood flow to the muscles. Helps strengthens bones and nails. Calcium deficiency is very common among female athletes.
  • Potassium is essential for muscle function and low levels often lead to muscle weakness, muscle cramps, spasms and fatigue. Potassium energies the body and helps to balance skin. Often lost though sweating and dehydration.
  • Bromides act to ease muscle stiffness and aid in the relaxation of muscles.