Sports Toiletries

Bath Salts                                                                                                     Massage Oils

To complement our soaps, a sports toiletries range of bath salts and massage oils have been developed. These are particularly aimed at sports and exercise participants but can be used by all, from those of you who just enjoy a good soak in the bath, or a massage, to many of us who over-do the DIY, decorating or gardening, suffering sore muscles and aches and pains for our efforts.

Our range of sports toiletries are intended to cleanse, deodorise, moisturise and fragrance the body leaving it feeling and smelling wonderful. Each product contains a custom blend of essential oils, renowned for their individual properties to ease muscle and joint aches and pains.


To add to the great benefits of using our massage oil, they are also dual purpose, allowing them to be used as bath oils.


One of our soaps compliments and three soaps mirror our range of bath salts and massage oils to provide you with an holistic bathing experience.


Check out the relevant pages for further information on our products, specially designed for the sportsperson and those who overdo the DIY, gardening and similar activities.