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We love natural soap and have no time for foaming and preserving agents or synthetic chemicals which often aggravated many skin conditions. We are totally opposed to the use of Parabens and Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) which can be absorbed through the skin. We do not use synthetic stabilizers, fillers or preservatives which are often drying to the skin, can be skin irritants and are usually found in commercial soaps to extend their shelf life for years. 


Our well formulated handmade natural soaps will make a big difference to the feel and condition of your skin and outshine a commercial soap every time. Using our natural soap will leave your skin feed, feeling soft and smooth, a completely different experience from commercial soap.


Treat yourself to one of our many different formulations. You will notice the difference to your skin.

Our well balanced incredibly silky smooth soaps are a result of our careful choice of ingredients. We use wonderful natural ingredients and choose the highest quality ethically sourced oils and butters for their beneficial properties to help maintain healthy vibrant skin.


Other ingredients used include specially selected pure essential oils renowned for their beneficial properties, botanicals, natural clays and exfoliants. That’s it – nothing else. No artificial or synthetic ingredients, just pure, natural wholesome ingredients.


All of our ingredients are sourced from reputable ethical UK suppliers, specialists in their fields. We have designed all our soaps to have a beautiful, very rich creamy lather with lots bubbles to clean and condition the skin, a fabulous luxurious enriching soothing sensation that needs to be experienced. Using our soap will leave your skin feeling soft and conditioned. Your skin will love you for it.


Natural Cold Process soap needs to cure slowly over time. We allow our soaps to naturally air cure for a minimum of four to six weeks before packaging. We do this as exposure to air promotes hardening of the soap and contributes to a longer-lasting quality. During the first two weeks most of the saponification process is completed and the following two weeks sees most of the water used in the soap-making process evaporate.This vital curing time results in a mild, harder, long lasting bar which becomes even milder with age and assures a fine quality product. So you see, you simply cannot rush a good thing.