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Luxuriously indulgent handmade vegetable soap

Our superb natural handmade soaps are proudly made in Britain using the finest quality organic and sustainable vegetable oils, pure essential oils, highest quality cosmetic clays, gentle exfoliants and natural colours.


Experience the well balanced formulations, skin nourishing oils and carefully designed combinations of essential oils, natural clays and colourants used to create these beautiful skin moisturising soaps.

Natural vegetable soap
Natural Soap By Design


We love to provide you with the purest ingredients and exquisite scents that we believe you will enjoy.


Feel and experience the difference when using these wonderful soaps, leaving you and your skin relaxed and pampered, knowing you are nourishing your skin with beneficial natural ingredients.

Natural Vegetable Soap
Eucalyptus & Mint; Inspiration; Wisdom; Workout
Natural vegetable saop
Bay Rum, Bergamot & Cinnamon; Lemongrass & Ginger; Rosemary, Lavender & Mint; Oat & Honey


We work with a trusted number of reputable British suppliers who source organic and natural ingredients from over the world. Our organic Shea Butter is purchased from a small female social enterprise in Ghana with a distribution hub in the UK. We simply will not compromise on the quality of ingredients used in our products.


Beautifully fragranced with specially designed blends of pure essential oils, our soaps are a delight to use. We use some of the most costly oils to create our nourishing combinations and fabulous fragrances. Our soaps are naturally moisturising and the rich creamy lather is gentle and mild. They are suitable for all skin types leaving your skin feeling clean and soft.