Luxurious handmade vegetable SOAP

Made with cosmetic clays to benefit your skin

Let yourself be tempted by our original Nature inspired products, or offer them as gifts, they usually create a good reaction!


We choose our ingredients very carefully to ensure that everything we use is naturally vegan and free from detergents, SLS, alcohol, parabens, sorbates, silicones, sulphates and preservatives. 


We use superior vegetable oils and highest quality cosmetic clays. The therapeutic properties of the pure essential oils used in our formulations are well documented. They have been carefully selected and blended to bring you wonderful skin nourishing aromatic soap.


Natural vegetable soap
Natural Soap By Design

Our handmade soap feels fabulous, soothing, full of wonderful rich enveloping lather which is creamy and dense. It leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturised. Treat yourself to the comforting sensations of handmade soap which commercial soap cannot match. With a range of different soaps and textures you will be sure to find many you like. Enjoy how they feel in your hands and best of all, luxuriate in their wonderful aromas and beneficial ingredients leaving your skin softened and pampered.


Based on years of wisdom past down the generations, our products use a range of natural botanical ingredients. We wanted to make our soaps the traditional old fashioned way using the Cold Process method of soap making. This method uses the minimal amount of energy and generates zero by-products so is environmentally friendly. It also allows us to carefully choose every ingredient to ensure the goodness of the ingredients used are retained to benefit the skin. We only use premium vegetable oils, essential oils, botanicals, herbs and spices to scent, colour and gently exfoliate. That’s it. Nothing else. Our soaps have wonderful combinations of essential oils, are lovely to use, gentle and mild on the skin with great creamy lather, smell lovely and look good. So get clean and go green.


Our current selection of 8 soaps has seen us design and formulate different recipes to cater for a variety of needs. No two recipes are the same. Suitable for all skin types with some especially formulated for those with delicate, dry, damaged, mature, problem or sensitive skin. By reading our ingredient list on any product you will be assured that you are receiving a wholesome, safe, natural effective product. 



Your skin is the largest organ of your body and is permeable, meaning it absorbs everything you put on it. It is the first line of defence against outside pollutants and impurities so it is important to help keep it clean and conditioned. Our soaps are all natural, gently cleanse and with the different formulations we offer, you will be sure to find something you love. The essential oils and finest cosmetic clays used in our soaps are well known for their healing, antifungal and/or antiseptic properties.