Frequently Asked Questions


How do you care for soap? 

The best way to look after your soap is to ensure it can breathe between use. It is best stored in on a ventilated soap dish or a soap dish with draining holes to allow water to drain away so it can dry between use. Please do not leave it sitting in water or under the shower spray to go soggy. Natural soap loves to breathe so resting it on its end, or on a ridged, ladder or similar self-draining soap dish will allow air to circulate around the soap enabling it to dry and breath. This will extend the life of your natural soap.


How long does soap last?

Cold process soap becomes milder and harder with age making it last longer. It is recommended to use within 6 months of opening when the scent is strongest. Often the scent fades but is reactivated with use allowing the scent to be released.  Our soap will last at least two to three times as long as commercial soap and longer dependent upon use.


Does each soap have its own pattern? 


All our soaps are hand-made therefore no two soaps are identical. Patterns and colours vary reflect the use of natural ingredients and the hand-made uniqueness of each bar. Each bar of a variety contains the same ingredients regardless of visual appearance.


Can I be allergic to natural products?

Most people love to use natural skincare products over synthetic ones. We all have skin that is unique to us so it is difficult to state with absolute certainty that all products suit all people. Should you suffer allergies or have sensitive skin, it is advisable to patch test before use. Please be aware of that some people have sensitivities and allergies to certain essential oils so please read the product information carefully before purchase.


Can everyone use your products?

Whilst natural personal care products are suitable for nearly all people, those who are pregnant, breast feeding, or who suffer from high blood pressure or epilepsy are advised to consult their doctor before the use of products containing essential oils. Test patch before use if in any doubt.


Why are the ingredients listed on the packaging not in plain English?

All products are packaged and labelled clearly with ingredients in line with UK & EU legislation. We put the ingredients in plain English on the website.




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