The Inspiration


Natural Soap By Design solves skin problems and improve complexions naturally. Our range of pure vegetable soaps and organic toiletries are ideal for men and women.


Designed to nourish, balance and condition the skin our formulations use cosmetic clays and additives to draw out toxins. In-house blends of therapeutic essential oils not only do your skin good, but smell good too. 


Our matching Sports toiletry ranges include custom blended Organic Bath Salts with therapeutic essential oils designed to ease muscular discomfort and replenish vital minerals and electrolytes lost through exercise leading to recovery and relaxation. 


our History

With a long held belief in the power of Nature and the use of natural products, the idea for Natural Soap By Design had been in the background for years. From a very young age my love of gardens and their wonderful array of scents always gave a sense of grounding and serenity. These wonderful natural aromas created the inspiration and Natural Soap By Design was born. 

Starting out, I decided to use the fabulous assortment of ingredients Nature made available. Extensive research into the traditional cold process method of soap making convinced me this was the best of the various different soap making methods available as it produces a gentle, mild and long lasting soap.

My early experiments with various unrefined vegetable oils, botanicals, essential oils and natural colourants produced a wide variety of soaps. Different ingredients were tried and tested with many recipes not making the grade. Some natural aromas proved too fleeting in nature and so were replaced by others. Many botanicals turned brown over time, an unattractive look, and so were discarded. Constant testing and refinements to recipes are seen in the fabulous range of natural soaps available to you today. All soap is hand made in small batches using premium ingredients to ensure the highest quality is maintained. Development of new recipes continues to meet the market demand.